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Canva - Woman Paying with Credit


All of us at WhirliGig Unique Boutiques want you, our guest, to have an incredible experience

with us– be it live in our boutique or online. 

We are blessed with amazing artisans and we love to share stories about them, their crafts and the processes they use (when they aren’t top secret wink wink). 

If at any time your curiosity is piqued and you have an insane urge to know more than we’ve shared here…please reach out via FB, Instagram or our Contact Us link above! 


We also greatly appreciate any feedback on our website if you come across any issues.

Below covers a few more Need to Know details about us to make sure we’ve covered all the bases…


WhirliGig Unique Boutiques does NOT store your credit card information in any way on our secured website.

Once an item is paid for online, you will receive a confirmation of sale email and then

another email notifying you when the purchase is shipped. 

You will have the opportunity to opt out of our e-newsletter both in the check out of sales or if you do receive the e-newsletter, you can hit Unsubscribe in the rare case you are not fully enthralled with

the awesome articles, events and promos offered!


- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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